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Linen Bible Verse Mapping Journal - 7" x 10"

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Graceful By Design’s Bible Verse Mapping Journal is designed to dig deep into Scripture. Verse Mapping is a study technique to immerse yourself in understanding God’s Word. This method is visually laid out to guide you through breaking down each part of the verse. The open square structure of the mapping allows for optimal writing space and room for making connections to keyword studies throughout your verse study.

With Graceful By Design's Bible Verse Mapping Journal, you are able to identify keywords to define and do an exegesis study to analyze particular keyword text in the language of its original or earliest available form. This method is designed to provide you with new confidence in your Bible study skills. Whether you are a beginner at verse mapping or a seasoned scholar, this journal provides website references for research and commentary, Bible study topics, and instructions with an example verse map.

This journal has all the tools you need to get started (besides your Bible). This journal includes 52 repeating page sets of bible verse map templates, providing a year’s worth of weekly bible verse studies. The provided verse study topics include anxiety and fear, fruits of the spirit, spiritual growth, parenting, salvation, marriage, promises from God, anger, sadness, discontent, emptiness, and a section to create your own. The journal measures 8.5" x 11" in order to provide maximum writing space. It has dotted lines to facilitate creating your map and solid lines for the reflection and application sections.

Completing your verse mapping study will give you a unique and visually organized verse study to reference. Skills you will strengthen:
  • Scripture verse memory
  • Identifying, defining, and completing an exegesis study of keywords
  • Connecting the keyword study with color coordination
  • Researching the context of each verse
  • Researching and Reference alternate Bible translations
  • Cross-referencing your verse study or locating applicable commentary
  • Analyzing viewpoints in a verse
  • Taking time for reflection, application, and prayer before, during, and after a verse study.
Linen Bible Verse Mapping Journal - 7" x 10"
Linen Bible Verse Mapping Journal - 7" x 10" Sale price$35.00 Regular price$39.99
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